Terms of Use


These terms and conditions are in relation to business and work carried out by MC Private Company.

1) Introduction

A contract is formed between a customer (referred to as the “Customer”) and mcpc.gr (referred to as the “Company”) when an order is received from the Customer. An order may be in electronic form. The product shall mean any product that is provided by the company to the customer.

2) Supply

The company agrees to supply the product(s) to the customer as detailed in the order and according to the terms and conditions of this contract.

 3) Rights Reserved

Should the company choose not to enforce any or all of these conditions it should not be interpreted as a waiver of any of the company’s rights. By providing the company with an order, the customer accepts these terms and conditions.

 4) Payment

The company shall issue an invoice to the customer in respect of products to be supplied. Title in the goods shall remain with the company until full payment has been received, unless otherwise stipulated in the order.

 5) Copyright

The Company retains copyright in all their original material. Original material includes products or creative productions of their service video recordings, graphics, soundtracks, printed material and any other design or artwork commissioned by the customer in relation to the order.

 6) Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event of a dispute over the supply of product(s) , any disputes must be notified within 14-days of the customer receiving the product(s).

 7) Expenses

The company retains the right to charge out-of-pocket expenses incurred in providing the product(s) or service(s) – subject to being able to provide the customer with proof of expenditure. All out-of-pocket expenses will be charged at cost.

 8) Confidentiality

Unless otherwise agreed the company will treat any information gained during the supply of the product(s) as being private and confidential.

 9) Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions and any accompanying letter, invoice and/or contract are governed by the laws of Greece.